This course provides an overview of public health issues in rural populations and is designed to give students an understanding of the influence of rurality on health. Topics covered include rural health disparities, policy directions in rural health, and models of rural health service delivery. Practical public health strategies that lessen the severity of impact on rural populations related to lack of access to care, substance abuse, mental health, farm safety and unintentional injuries will be explored.

Credit Hours: 3          Class Meets: Mon., 6-9 p.m.           Semester: Spring 2021
Format: First asynchronous online, second week synchronous online, et. Will coordinate meetings with PBHL 5317 and HPEM 6392.
Classroom: H105

This course is an introductory graduate course that focuses on the impact of chemicals in the environment on global health, including global climate change, energy issues, and the impact on special populations including children, those living in border communities and underserved populations. The impact of global environmental changes on human health will be the focus. 

Semester: Spring 2021                                              Class Meets: Thurs., 6 - 9 p.m.

Format: Online with one face-to-face meeting for presentations.